Solar Eclipse Friday 20th March

On Friday 20th March, there will be a near total solar eclipse. We would like students to be able to witness this unique event if possible, so we have ordered some solar eclipse glasses to allow students to view this safely.

However, as there are some Health and Safety considerations, I would appreciate it if you could read the following risk assessment and share this with your child / children. If you would prefer your child not to take part in this, please let the school know ASAP (01964 613133).

Some students have asked if they can bring their own glasses as they already have some at home etc. Generally, we would prefer students not to do this but if you are happy that your child has the required level of eye protection, please can you write a note informing us of this and ask students to bring them to Mrs Mackenzie to be checked before Friday. Students without a note from Mrs Mackenzie stating that their glasses are OK will not be able to use them.

If you have any queries, please do get in touch.


Mrs A. Mackenzie
(Head of Science)