Performance Tables

The widely reported changes to this year’s performance tables have had an impact on the published performance data for our school. This is due primarily to only the first GCSE entry counting in the tables, a decision that was made just a few weeks before students were due to sit their pre-planned November entry.

Like most schools we debated this change long and hard and made the decision to continue with a policy that we felt was right for our students and their progress. This change, along with modifications to which vocational subjects would count and a disappointing set of English results, has led to a drop in some of our reported performance measures.

What the performance tables do not show is an improved final entry result in Maths, continued strong performance in GCSE Science, with results above the national average for the third year running, and improved outcomes in the majority of other GCSE and equivalent subjects. In addition, and captured in the performance tables, are the school’s best ever A’level results, which compare favourably against national benchmarks.

Our focus as a school is to continue improving those many areas of strong performance and securing improvements in those that were less successful.

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