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Mr M. Elvidge

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The purpose of the ICT department at Withernsea High school is to provide an exciting insight into new technologies, how computers behave, operate and affect our lives. 


Useful for careers in…

Games development, Information systems management, IT consultancy, Multimedia
programming, Network engineering,
Systems analysis and
Systems development.

Almost every major challenge in the world turns to the use of computer science to solve problems; from medical research, education, supporting aid work in disaster areas, helping to create a sustainable environment, the logistics of moving products around the world, to the world of business and securing and managing the vast levels of data through visualisation, security and transmission; not to mention the world of media.

Computer Science graduates have a high earning capacity and on average are the highest earners upon graduation.

English is the language of choice for the computing industry, therefore careers across the world are open to graduates from British Universities.

What will I learn?



Understand why we have computers and how they have shaped our lives.

Computer Hardware
Memory, Binary logic, primary and secondary storage.

Communications and Networking
Networks and modern life, infrastructure and the internet.

Programming using:
Python, Linux, Raspberry Pi’s and Algorithms.


ICT - Information and Communications Technology

How ICT can be used to meet business needs.

You will create business solutions:  
Letters, presentations, databases and spreadsheets.

How to create a multimedia product:
Using sound, vision and interactive elements.

How to create a piece of promotional material 
Using video editing techniques

ECDL - European Computer Driving Licence

The ECDL course offers the necessary basic IT knowledge for taking an active role in e-Society and the workplace. You will learn how to use software for Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations and Improving Productivity. 

When you acquire your ECDL certificate of completion, you will increase your chances of finding a better job and you will be able to efficiently use a computer in both your personal and professional life.