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Key Stage 3
Years 7 and 8

Key Stage 4
Years 9, 10 and 11

Key Stage 5
Years 12 and 13 (Sixth Form)

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Head of subject

Miss C. Turnbull





Hairdressing and beauty therapy offer a lifelong career with endless opportunities for development and variety within the role, giving you a versatile career that will adapt to suit lifestyle changes whilst presenting numerous opportunities to develop your skills and enhance your creative skills. 

The hair and beauty industry is a major employer in the UK, providing employment for approximately 250,000 people. Key Stage 3 Hair and Beauty at Withernsea High School provides an overview of the industry exploring the many career opportunities available within the industry and equipping you with the basic practical skills needed to progress on to study Hairdressing or Beauty Therapy at a higher level. For the first time, students who successfully complete the Key Stage 3 Hair and Beauty course will gain a recognised GCSE qualification.

The department is run by qualified hair stylists and beauty therapists who are passionate about their subject and helping students realise their potential.

What will I learn?

Years 7 and 8                                                

About the Hair and Beauty Industry
In this unit you will explore the different jobs that you could aim for in the future and you will also look at different types of salon, the clients they have and the services they offer.

Shampooing and Conditioning Hair
You will learn how to prepare yourself and clients for shampooing and conditioning services within the salon and how to correctly identify, treat and shampoo different hair types.

Plaiting and Twisting Hair
This unit covers the basic skills for plaiting and twisting hair.

Styling Women’s Hair
You will learn the basic skills needed to style women’s hair including blow drying, setting, curling and put ups.

Basic Manicure Treatments
This unit will teach you how to prepare yourself and clients for basic manicure treatments and how to carry out the manicure treatment 

Carry out a Hair and Beauty Research Project
You will choose a topic and carry out a research project based around the hair and beauty sector (for example: researching the dangers of using sunbeds).

Hair and Beauty Science
You will learn about the ingredients used to make different products and the effect these have on the hair and skin.

Marketing Hair and Beauty Products and Services
This unit will introduce the key principles of marketing and factors that influence marketing within hair and beauty.