There can be no life skill more useful than that of learning to cook. You might choose Food simply because you enjoy it, or you are good at it and you want to complete a qualification to GCSE equivalent level.  


Useful for careers in…

Working in food doesn’t mean that you have to work in a restaurant or a café. How about:
Diet guidance, Retail purchasing, Product
development, Fresh produce development...

It is a subject with a great variety of content including both independent and team working, problem solving, costing and planning. Best of all a course with great food! What’s not to like?

What will I learn?


Years 9, 10 and 11 - Food and Catering (Technical Level) 

Food technology is about the conversion of raw materials into edible food products using design and making skills. You will investigate the food industry to gain understanding of commercial food production.

By the end of the course you will have:

Developed high level practical skills and made food products regularly.

Acquired a working knowledge of food science and nutrition.

Learnt about the scientific principles of food handling and how the food industry operates.

Studied food as a material by investigation and have learnt to disassemble and evaluate food products.

Used ICT: Nutritional and food related software; the extensive use of digital photography and the use of Excel to produce reports and charts.

The Food and Catering course provides a powerful learning experience. Students who know how to cook understand what goes into food preparation. They may have a better idea of the fact that food doesn’t just happen. It has been said that your food can be your medicine and if you learn how to prepare foods, you can give your body just what it needs nutritionally.