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Film Studies - Year 10

 You will be working on your Screenwriting Coursework. 

Please click the links below to view/download useful worksheets for research and planning. 

1) - Research

2) - Evaluation of research

3) - Film Proposals - Setting and Character Plan

4) - Key Aspects of 3 Genre Films


See the table below for an overview of what you need to be doing. 

You should use https://www.writerduet.com/ to type up your screenplays. 


Week commencing


Monday 12th April - Monday 19th July


Screenwriting Coursework
30% of your overall GCSE

A screenplay extract from one of the following genres of film:

• Crime 
• Science fiction
• War
• Horror
• The teenage film
• The musical

The extract must take the form of one of the following two options:

• the opening of the film OR

• an extract from any part of the film which creates suspense and tension

The extract must be between 800 and 1000 words. It must be accompanied by a shooting script of a key section from the screenplay (approximately 1 minute of screen time, corresponding to approximately one page of screenplay). 

You should use https://www.writerduet.com/ to type up your screenplays. 


Evaluative analysis

Learners must complete an evaluative analysis of their production of between 750 and 850 words. This will include reference to: 

• the aims of the genre film extract (the chosen genre of the production, its main audience) 

• an indication of how key aspects from approximately three genre films have influenced the production (which may include genre films studied during the course)

• an analysis of the production in relation to comparable, professionally-produced genre films. 

The evaluative analysis must be mainly in the form of extended writing (which may include sub-headings and some bullet points). Learners are advised to word-process the work, which may be illustrated with screenshots or screenplay extracts. 

In the case of screenplay extracts used to illustrate the evaluative analysis, these are excluded from the word limit of 750 - 850 words. 


Film Studies Contacts

Mrs Aldridge


Mrs Barker




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