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Digital IT - Year 11

Work for study between Monday 12th April and Friday 19th July.

In the event of absence, please email your teacher to find out which of the tasks below you are required to do.



Impact of modern technologies


Changes to modern teams

Managing modern teams

Communicating with stakeholders and accessibility

Impact of modern technology on organisations

Impact of modern technology on individuals

 Threats to data


Why are systems attacked

External threats

Internal threats

 Prevention and management

User access restrictions

Data level protection 1

Data level protection 2 (finding weaknesses)


Defining responsibilities and parameters

Disaster recovery

 Responsible use

Shared data

Environmental concerns

 Legal and ethical


Equal access and net neutrality

Acceptable use and boundaries

Data protection

Intellectual property and criminal use

 Forms of notation


Use of different forms of notation

Data flow diagrams

Information flow diagrams



IT Contacts

Mr Elvidge


Mrs Rushworth




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