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DT (Electronics and Resistant Materials) - Year 10

Students should work from relevant sections of the booklets available for download below.

Section 2 Booklet (Materials and Systems): Please click here to view/download the booklet

Section 4 Booklet (Paper and Board): Please click here to view/download the booklet

Section 5 Booklet (Woods, Metals and Polymers): Please click here to view/download the booklet

Once you've downloaded the relevant booklet, please see the table below for the order of study... 

Week commencing


Monday 12th April

Section 4 Booklet (Paper and Board)

4.1 Properties of paper and Board

Monday 19th April

4.2 Standard Components

Monday 26th April 

4.3 Working with Paper and Board

Monday 3rd May

4.4 Printing Techniques

Monday 10th May

4.5 Paper and Board Finishes

Monday 17th May 

Section 5 Booklet (Woods, Metals and Polymers)

5.1 Uses of Woods, metals and polymers

Monday 24th May

5.2 Stock Forms and Standard Components

--------------------------------------------------- Half Term ------------------------------------------------

Monday 7th June

5.3 More standard components

Monday 14th June

 5.4 Shaping Materials with hand tools

Monday 21st June

 5.5 Shaping Materials with Power Tools

Monday 28th June

 5.6 moulding and Joining

Monday 5th July

5.7 Treatments and Finishes

Monday 12th July

Section 2 Booklet (Materials and Systems)

2.7 Mechanical Systems

Monday 19th July

 2.8 Developments in New Materials

--------------------------------------------------- Summer Holidays ------------------------------------------------



DT Contacts

Miss Bircumshaw


Mr Bullock


Mr Halls


Mrs Keith


Miss Lazenby


Miss Matthewman




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