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History - Year 8 

Please email your teacher and ask them to direct you to the right lesson for your class if you’re not sure. 

Week commencing


Monday 12th April


New topic: World War 2

Successes in the 1920s

Failures in the 1930s

Monday 19th April



The outbreak of the Second World War

Monday 26th April 


If you have access to a streaming service such as Netflix or Amazon prime, watch the film ‘Dunkirk’.

Make some notes on whether the film accurately portrays the events of the Dunkirk evacuation or not and why.

Monday 3rd May


Email your teacher for a copy of the assessment that you should complete at home if you are absent from school.

Monday 10th May


The Battle of Britain and aerial bombardment

Blitzkrieg and Nazi control of Europe

Monday 17th May 


Pearl Harbour and the War in the Pacific

Invasion of the USSR

Monday 24th May


 Students to go on to the following website using the link below and learn about evacuation and life in Britain.

Evacuation During World War Two (primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk)

Please email your teacher to be given the relevant worksheet to complete after visiting the website.

VE and VJ Days

--------------------------------------------------- Half Term ------------------------------------------------

Monday 7th June

Stalingrad and D-Day

Monday 14th June

How did the Second World War end? 

Monday 21st June


No true witnesses 

The Demolition of Man

Monday 28th June


What counts as resistance?

Non-violent Jewish resistance?

Monday 5th July


Violent Jewish resistance?

Jewish partisans in Vilna

Monday 12th July



For those students who are not in school, please email your teacher to be given details for your assessment.

Monday 19th July


--------------------------------------------------- Summer Holidays ------------------------------------------------



Humanities Contacts

Mr Bedson


Mr Bell


Mr Edwards


Miss Griffiths


Ms Harris


Mrs Hunter


Mrs Monaghan




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