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History - Year 7 

Please email your teacher and ask them to direct you to the right lesson for your class if you’re not sure. 

Week commencing


Monday 12th April

The Tudors 

Task: Having learnt all about the Tudor Monarchs, you should now complete this research task.

Find out about what life was like in Tudor England.

What hobbies did people have? How was life similar to ours? How was it different? What foods did people eat? Etc.

Send your findings to your teacher. 

Monday 19th April


Start of new topic: Crown vs Parliament 

The Thirty Years War

Charles I's personal rule

Monday 26th April 


Charles I and Scotland

The return of parliament

Monday 3rd May


The Arrest of Five Members

Why did the Civil War break out in 1642?

Monday 10th May


Civil War divisions


Monday 17th May 


Oliver Cromwell

The Restoration

Monday 24th May


The 'Glorious Revolution'


Students who are absent or isolating should email their teacher for a copy of the assessment to be completed at home.  

--------------------------------------------------- Half Term ------------------------------------------------

Monday 7th June

New topic: Enemies of the State

 The first lesson students will look at Pirates.

Task: Draw what you think a Pirate looks like, label it and then explain why you’ve included certain features.

Research ‘Blackbeard’. Create a fact file of his life and then compare this to your initial drawing of a Pirate – are they similar?

Monday 14th June

The French Revolution

The 1789 Revolution 

The Reign of Terror

Monday 21st June


The American War of Independence 

Why did war break out between Britain and its colonies?

 The Declaration of Independence 

Monday 28th June


The Gunpowder Plot

Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot

Watch the video above and then create a newspaper article all about the plot – what happened? Who was involved? Key dates? Etc.

Monday 5th July


The Swinging Sixties (Part 1)

The Swinging Sixties?

Poverty and Prosperity 

Monday 12th July


The Swinging Sixties (Part 2)

Experiences of Britain's migrant communities

Memories of the Sixties

Monday 19th July


--------------------------------------------------- Summer Holidays ------------------------------------------------



Humanities Contacts

Mr Bedson


Mr Bell


Mr Edwards


Miss Griffiths


Ms Harris


Mrs Hunter


Mrs Monaghan




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