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Geography - Year 8

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Week commencing


Monday 12th April


Weather and Climate (Started before Easter)

How do low pressure events affect the UK?

What was the 'Beast from the East'? 

Monday 19th April


What evidence do we have that climate is changing?

How could climate change affect Bangladesh?

Monday 26th April 


Start of New Topic: Billion and Counting

What are the factors that affect population distribution?

What is the population explosion?  

Monday 3rd May


What are the potential consequences of overpopulation?

How do population structures change over time?

Monday 10th May


How does population structure change as a country develops?

What do population pyramids show?

Monday 17th May 


What strategies have been used to try and control population growth? 

What are the impacts of an aging population?

Monday 24th May


How is the UK managing the ageing population? 

What is migration?

--------------------------------------------------- Half Term ------------------------------------------------

Monday 7th June


Start of New Topic: Going with the Flow

Why are rivers important?

What are the features of a drainage basin?

Monday 14th June


How does a river drainage system work?

What are the features of a river’s long profile? 

Monday 21st June


Erosion and transportation

How do waterfalls form?

Monday 28th June


 What are the processes operating across meanders?

What are flood plains and how do they form?  

Monday 5th July


What are the causes of flooding within a drainage basin?  

How can we manage flood risk?

Monday 12th July

An example of a flood event in the UK


How can we respond to flood events?

Monday 19th July

An example of a flood event in a developing country

--------------------------------------------------- Summer Holidays ------------------------------------------------



Humanities Contacts

Mr Bedson


Mr Bell


Mr Edwards


Miss Griffiths


Ms Harris


Mrs Hunter


Mrs Monaghan




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