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DT - Year 8

Week commencing


Monday 12th April


Sustainability - Revision cards

Sustainability - Questions

Monday 19th April


Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint - Labels and symbols

Monday 26th April 


Materials Economy - Revision cards

Materials Economy - Life cycle energy analysis

Monday 3rd May


Gears and Pulleys - Poster

Gears and Pulleys - Rack and pinion drilling machine

Gears and Pulleys - Rack and pinion gear systems

Gears and Pulleys - Rack and pinion exercise 

Monday 10th May


Pulley Systems - Wind powered gears exercise

Pulley Systems - Poster

Pulley Systems

Monday 17th May 


Structures - Frame structures  

Structures - Structural frames revision cards

Monday 24th May


Triangulation - Examples of triangulation

Triangulation - Continued...

Triangulation - Worksheet

--------------------------------------------------- Half Term ------------------------------------------------

Monday 7th June


Bridges - A typical cable stage bridge 

Bridges - The Normandy bridge (cable stay bridge)

Bridges - Worksheet

Monday 14th June

Designing a bridge

Monday 21st June


Shading and Drawing Techniques - Shading flat surfaces

Shading and Drawing Techniques - Shading curved surfaces

Shading and Drawing Techniques - Drawing and shading exercise

Monday 28th June


Printing Effects - Varnishing

Die Cutting

VIDEO: Printing processes - UV varnishing, laminating and embossing

VIDEO: Die cutting package and other materials

Monday 5th July



Letter Press

Letter Press - Worksheet

Letter Press - Paper size and grammage

Monday 12th July


Screen Printing

Screen Printing - Worksheet

Monday 19th July


Sublimation Printing

Sublimation Printing - Worksheet


Laminating - Worksheet 

--------------------------------------------------- Summer Holidays ------------------------------------------------


Food - Year 8

Please use the links below to access the resources to complete the tasks

Healthy eating - Eatwell guide

Use the links on the left to access PowerPoints, Worksheets and Quizzes for each topic. 

Complete the activities. 


Food labels

Where is food from? Seasonality


DT Contacts

Miss Bircumshaw


Mr Bullock


Mr Halls


Mrs Keith


Miss Lazenby


Miss Matthewman




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