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DT - Year 7

Week commencing


Monday 12th April


Sustainability - Revision cards

Sustainability - Questions

Monday 19th April


Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint - Labels and symbols

Monday 26th April 


Materials Economy - Revision cards

Materials Economy - Life cycle energy analysis

Monday 3rd May


Gears and Pulleys - Poster

Gears and Pulleys - Rack and pinion drilling machine

Gears and Pulleys - Rack and pinion gear systems

Gears and Pulleys - Rack and pinion exercise 

Monday 10th May


Pulley Systems - Wind powered gears exercise

Pulley Systems - Poster

Pulley Systems

Monday 17th May 


Structures - Frame structures  

Structures - Structural frames revision cards

Monday 24th May


Triangulation - Examples of triangulation

Triangulation - Continued...

Triangulation - Worksheet

--------------------------------------------------- Half Term ------------------------------------------------

Monday 7th June


Bridges - A typical cable stage bridge 

Bridges - The Normandy bridge (cable stay bridge)

Bridges - Worksheet

Monday 14th June

Designing a bridge

Monday 21st June


Shading and Drawing Techniques - Shading flat surfaces

Shading and Drawing Techniques - Shading curved surfaces

Shading and Drawing Techniques - Drawing and shading exercise

Monday 28th June


Printing Effects - Varnishing

Die Cutting

VIDEO: Printing processes - UV varnishing, laminating and embossing

VIDEO: Die cutting package and other materials

Monday 5th July



Letter Press

Letter Press - Worksheet

Letter Press - Paper size and grammage

Monday 12th July


Screen Printing

Screen Printing - Worksheet

Monday 19th July


Sublimation Printing

Sublimation Printing - Worksheet


Laminating - Worksheet 

--------------------------------------------------- Summer Holidays ------------------------------------------------



DT Contacts

Miss Bircumshaw


Mr Bullock


Mr Halls


Mrs Keith


Miss Lazenby


Miss Matthewman




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