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History - Year 8

For the first half of the Spring term, you should work from the 'Events that Changed the World' booklet and follow the lesson plans/dates in the table below. 

 Click here to view/download the booklet

For the second half of the Spring term, click on the links to access quizzes and videos on Oak Academy. 

Week commencing


Monday 4th January 


Lesson 1 - What was 9/11?  

Lesson 2 - Causes of 9/11 

Monday 11th January 


Lesson 3 - Consequences of 9/11 

Lesson 4 - Flight 93

Monday 18th January 

Lesson 5 - The Titanic 

Lesson 6 - Why did so many die? 

Monday 25th January 

Lesson 7 - Assessment 

Monday 1st February 

Lesson 8 - The Moon Landings

Lesson 9 - Assassination of JFK 

Monday 8th February 

Major World Events: Review 

Create a PowerPoint which summarises the unit that you’ve studied this half term.

Include one slide per topic which includes what the event was. You must also include a piece of information which explains why it can be viewed as a ‘major world event’.

A conclusion slide should also be included; which event was the most important in history? Explain why you think this.

Include a final slide with quiz questions that you could use to test someone else’s knowledge of the unit too.

--------------------------------------------------- Half Term ------------------------------------------------

Monday 22nd February 

The outbreak of WW1 

The Schlieffen Plan 

Monday 1st March 


Life on the Western Front - Introduction  

Life on the Western Front - What do the stories of the often forgotten armies reveal about the Western Front?  

Monday 8th March 

Trenches in WW1: Task 

If you’re isolating at home, you may miss the homework task that your classmates have received. This week, you can have a go at the task; building a WW1 trench!

Use any materials that you may already have in your home or garden to construct a realistic trench. There are many images and examples on the internet that you can search for some inspiration.

The best models will be awarded a prize! 

Monday 15th March 


Why did the USA enter the war?  

Spring Offensive 1918

Monday 22nd March 

The end of WW1  

The Treaty of Versailles 

--------------------------------------------------- Easter Holidays ------------------------------------------------


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