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Geography - Year 8

Week commencing


Monday 4th January 

What is the weather forecast?  

What are the factors that affect climate? 

Monday 11th January 

Why does it rain? 

How do air masses influence the climate of the UK?

Monday 18th January 

How do we use climate graphs? 

How do high pressure events affect the UK? 

Monday 25th January 

How do low pressure events affect the UK? 

What was the 'Beast from the East'? 

Monday 1st February 

What are tropical storms and how do we measure them?

What is New Orleans like and why is it vulnerable to tropical storms? 

Monday 8th February 

What were the impacts of Hurricane Katrina?

--------------------------------------------------- Half Term ------------------------------------------------

Monday 22nd February 

What are the factors that influence population distribution? 

What is the population explosion? 

Monday 1st March 

What are the potential consequences of overpopulation?  

How do population structures change over time? 

Monday 8th March 

How does the population structure change as a country develops? 

What do population pyramids show?

Monday 15th March 

What strategies have been used to try and control population growth?

What are the impacts of an ageing population?

Monday 22nd March 

How is the UK managing the ageing population? 

What is migration?

--------------------------------------------------- Easter Holidays ------------------------------------------------


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