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DT - Year 8

Week commencing


Monday 4th January 

Basic drawing equipment 1

Basic drawing equipment 2 

Formal drawing - Isometric - Part 1

Monday 11th January 

Orthographic tasks

Formal drawing - Isometric - Part 2

An introduction to creating working drawings

Monday 18th January 

Technology cultures

Technology and the environment  

Monday 25th January 

Material tasks 

Material finishes 

Sketching (annotation, what, how and why?) 

Monday 1st February 

Paper and board 1

Paper and board 2

Product design (developing ideas quickly) 

Electronics 1

Electronics 2

Electronics 3

Electronics 4

Monday 8th February

Smart materials

Smart materials task 

Nano materials  

--------------------------------------------------- Half Term ------------------------------------------------

Monday 22nd February 

Structures and triangulation 1

Structures and triangulation 2

Structures and triangulation 3

Structures and triangulation 4

Monday 1st March 


Shading techniques - Part 1 (shading flat surfaces) 

Monday 8th March 

Shading techniques - Part 2 (sketching explained) 

Exploded views

Exploded views task

Monday 15th March 

Sustainability 1

Sustainability 2

Sustainability 3

Sustainability 4

Sustainability 5

Monday 22nd March  

Movement and mechanisms 1

Movement and mechanisms 2

Movement and mechanisms 3

Movement and mechanisms 4

--------------------------------------------------- Easter Holidays ------------------------------------------------


Food - Year 8

Please use the links below to access the resources to complete the tasks

Healthy eating - Eatwell guide

Use the links on the left to access PowerPoints, Worksheets and Quizzes for each topic. 

Complete the activities. 


Food labels

Where is food from? Seasonality


Textiles - Year 8

Week commencing

Tasks to complete

Watch the video below and then complete the activities listed on the timetable. 

Video: Year 7 and 8 Textiles Project

Monday 4th January

 Mind map expanded on with ideas

Watch BBC news video

Research existing trainers on the market

Monday 11th January

 List the materials needed to produce trainers

Product analysis of trainers at home

Monday 18th January

 Drawing of trainers 

Survey of household audience about trainer preferences

Monday 25th January 

 Research analysis

Final design for trainers with annotation 


DT Contacts

Miss Bircumshaw


Mr Bullock


Mr Halls


Mrs Keith


Miss Lazenby


Miss Matthewman




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Autumn Term (September - December) 

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