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History - Year 7

Week commencing


Monday 4th January 

The First Crusade 

The capture of Jerusalem 

Monday 11th January 

The Third Crusade 

The Fourth Crusade 

Monday 18th January 

The Crusader States - What were the Crusader States? 

The Crusader States - Other groups within the Crusader States? 

Monday 25th January 

Monasteries and Cathedrals  

In lessons (or as homework, depending on which class you’re in),
we’ll be building Monasteries from materials such as cereal boxes, lolly sticks, straws, twigs etc.

If you’re working from home, construct your own Medieval religious building.

If you look in the Year 7 Information Booklet there are some examples that you could use to get an idea of what yours could look like.

There’ll be prizes for the best ones!​

Monday 1st February 

Henry VIII and the problems that he faced as King -
Who were Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon?

Henry VIII and the problems that he faced as King - 
What concerns did Henry VIII have as King of England? 

Monday 8th February 

The dissolution of the Monasteries 

Break with Rome 

--------------------------------------------------- Half Term ------------------------------------------------

Monday 22nd February 

Tudor Monarchs and Religion: A Rollercoaster  

Monday 1st March 

Elizabeth I: Relations with Spain 

Elizabeth I: Privateers 

Monday 8th March 

Mary, Queen of Scots 

Her Execution 

Monday 15th March 

Bloody Mary 

Work for this lesson is available on Teams; you should check there for more detailed instructions.

Create a PowerPoint on Bloody Mary. Include slides to explain why she had this nickname – what did she do which people didn’t like?

Monday 22nd March 

The Tudors - A Review 

Create a quiz which you could give to someone else in your year group to test their knowledge of everything you’ve learnt in the Tudors module.

On one page, write as many questions as you can and then write the answers on another.

If you’ve done this, email your teacher who will then ask someone else to have a go at answering the questions and you’ll then be able to mark them! 

--------------------------------------------------- Easter Holidays ------------------------------------------------


Humanities Contacts

Mr Bedson


Mr Bell


Mr Edwards


Miss Griffiths


Ms Harris


Mrs Hunter


Mrs Monaghan




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