Hairdressing and beauty therapy offer lifelong careers with endless opportunities to develop skills and creativity within the roles, creating a versatile career that will adapt to suit lifestyle changes.


Useful for careers in…

Hairdressing, Beauty therapy, Nail technician, TV, film and theatre work, Fashion, Media, Photography, Training, Salon ownership,
Mobile hairdressing.

The hair and beauty industry is a major employer in the UK, providing employment for approximately 250,000 people. Key Stage 4 Hair and Beauty at Withernsea High School provides an overview of the industry, exploring the many career opportunities and equipping you with the basic practical skills needed to progress on to study Hairdressing or Beauty Therapy at a higher level.

The department is run by qualified hair stylists and beauty therapists who are passionate about their subject and helping students realise their potential.


What will I learn?

Years 9, 10 and 11

The Hair and Beauty Industry
You will explore the different jobs that you could aim for in the future and will also look at different types of salon, the clients they have and the services they offer.

Presenting a professional image in a salon
This unit explains the desired levels of presentation and behaviour expected from professionals working in the industry.

Shampooing & Conditioning
You will learn how to prepare yourself and clients for shampooing and conditioning and how to correctly identify, treat and shampoo different hair types.


Plaiting and twisting hair
This unit covers the basic skills for plaiting and twisting hair.

Styling women’s hair
The basic skills needed to style women’s hair - blow drying, setting, curling and put ups.

Colouring hair using temporary colour
You will get an insight into the range of colouring techniques that can be used. You will learn how to apply a temporary colour and how to remove hair colouring products.

Basic manicure procedures
You will learn how to prepare yourself and clients for basic manicure treatments and how to carry them out.