"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” 

The study of English at KS3 is based on the study of challenging literature. Being a strong and confident reader is key to success in life, as well as success in all academic subjects. Reading interesting but difficult texts also improves writing and communication, which are key skills in education and employment.  

At KS3 we study different genres of literature, ranging from Chaucer and Shakespeare, through Austen and Bronte, to Steinbeck and Susan Hill.  We supplement this study with a range of non-fiction texts in order to provide context, and we then use this knowledge to produce our own creative and analytical writing. 


What will I learn?


Year 7   Year 8

Tales of Adventure and Mystery

• Conan Doyle
• Roald Dahl
• Agatha Christie

The story of English

• Chaucer
• Language change over time


• The difference between tragedy
   and comedy
• The study of play extracts
• Poetry

Rhetorical speech

• Political speeches: Churchill, Obama
• Our own speech
• Persuasive texts and essays
• Debating and discussing




Gothic Literature

• A history of Gothic: Dracula, Frankenstein. 
• The Woman in Black

American Literature

• Of Mice and Men
•To Kill a Mockingbird
• Poetry

Dystopian Literature

• 1984, Fahrenheit 491, The Giver
• Divergent, The Hunger Games
• Creation of our own dystopian society