Mechanical and Electronic Engineering is one of the greatest enabling technologies of our age.  All our lives are enhanced by the application of these industries and their associated disciplines. 


Useful for careers in…

Medical electronics, Robotics Avionics,
Communications & Consumer electronics –
creating devices such as…

Hearing aids, Bionic eyes, Prosthetics, Mars Rovers, Bomb disposal robots, Radar, Navigation systems, Flight control systems, Mobile phones,  TVs

Design Technology is a subject where you will need to be independent. You will need to work collaboratively with others to create complex and useful systems.  You must be prepared to apply Maths and Science in a practical setting and be determined enough to stick with it when things go wrong.

What will I learn?

Years 9, 10 and 11

Design Technology is amazingly broad and versatile. Even basic studies will provide you with a wide range of skills including:

Designing and making your own circuits

Developing mechanical systems

Programming of smart circuits         

Acquiring Computer Aided Engineering skills

2D and 3D Modelling and Printing using Solid works

You will complete the course with a wide knowledge of Mechanics and Electronics that will bring to life much of the Maths and Science that you have learned elsewhere in school.  Most of all you will develop a deeper understanding of the world around you and how it works.