Dance continues to be one of the school’s leading subjects. Whether it is a subject you have tried before or not, all students are encouraged to explore and develop new skills and techniques in this challenging, supportive and engaging subject.  Dance has delivered outstanding results at Key Stage 4 for many years and this is where it all begins. 

At Key Stage 3, Withernsea High School provides opportunities to be part of clubs, a dance company and dance show performances alongside the curriculum offered. Everyone is welcome, no matter how much experience you have!

In Key Stage 3, students will experience a wide variety of dance styles, focusing on a wide range of dance skills and techniques and also developing their creativity through choreography in small groups. Dance at Withernsea High School is widely known for the self-confidence it builds amongst young people.

It is taught through choreography, performing and appreciating. The students learn to analyse, choreograph and perform with consideration for action, space, dynamics and relationship content. Dance also provides a medium for young people to explore social, moral, spiritual and cultural differences in the wide curriculum that is offered.


What will I learn?


Year 7 

• Intro to Dance through Sport

An introduction to choreography and key terms that underpin its use and development. The unit looks at a variety of different sports to develop choreography from, including the Haka! This gives students a grounding of skills from which to choreograph, perform and analyse.

• Duets
This second units allows the students to begin experimenting with contact work. Students will build trust in a safe, choreographed environment. Along with continuing their choreographic knowledge, they will develop their technical skills here such as strength, timing, balance and coordination. 

• The Retro Social
Students will move through decades, learning each dance style from 1920’s Charleston, to Rock n Roll and Disco. This unit brings each era to life in an exciting ways that inform the historical and social setting of the time. With a solid grounding in choreography and technique, performance is at the heart of this unit. We bring good times back to life on the dance floor.

Year 8

 BTEC Dance
Students will participate in workshops that introduce them to expectations for Key Stage 4. They will experience contemporary dance and Jazz Dance. This will form a direct link to BTEC dance, giving insight to the options pathway for Key Stage 4.

Developing on the partner work started in Year 7, we begin exploring the non-contact martial art form of capoeira in duets. The students build upon their technical dance skills to enhance their overall control and fluidity. 

Street Dance
From B-boying, to commercial dance. This jam packed unit explores challenging, exciting moves that encourages students to explore personality and style in performance. This unit demands the use of all dance skills and provides a young, current platform for the students to begin adding in their own flavour and express who they are.