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Key Stage 3
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Key Stage 4
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Key Stage 5 - Physics
Years 12 and 13 (Sixth Form)

Key Stage 5 - Chemistry
Years 12 and 13 (Sixth Form)

Key Stage 5 - Biology
Years 12 and 13 (Sixth Form)

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Faculty Progress Leader

Mrs A. MacKenzie

GCSE Science Revision

Please watch the following videos to support your study.

Each link will direct you to a different video which will summarise a single exam paper.

The videos cover the entire paper and last anywhere from 40 minutes up to 1 hour.

AQA Biology Paper 1

AQA Biology Paper 2

AQA Chemistry Paper 1

AQA Chemistry Paper 2

AQA Physics Paper 1

AQA Physics Paper 2



Links and resources

9-1 GCSE Science
Changes to exams from Summer 2018

A range of online revision materials.
for GCSE / A-level specifications and past papers
for GCSE science revision

BBC Bitesize - GCSE

S-cool GCSE revision

Primrose Kitten
Physics and Chemistry tutorials



GCSE Science Revision Strategies

Please click here to view/download useful advice and guidance for GCSE Science revision.

This document was originally distributed to parents at the Careers Information Advice and Guidance evening earlier in the term.


Dear Parents

Your child now has access to a range of online revision material for science. This can be found by visiting the Doddle science website at

We will be using this website to set some homework/revision tasks but students can also access the resources at any time and are encouraged to do so, the quizzes are especially useful for revision and the PowerPoints may be helpful if your child has missed work or just wants to go over a topic.

To log on students need to go to the doddle science website and enter the following information:

Institution: Withernsea High School

User name: - e.g FredBloggs18 (full name followed by the year they joined our school)

Password: initially set to withernsea (students can and should change this on first use)

Any tasks that have been assigned, will appear in a to-do box, students can attempt these as many times as they wish. Most resources are designed to be both computer and tablet friendly, but if your child has difficulty accessing resources, there are computers that can be used in after school club. Students can also use the computers in science on a lunchtime if needed.

I hope your child find these resources useful and if you have any feedback on them or need help accessing them, please get in touch.

Yours faithfully

Mrs A Mackenzie
Head of Science Faculty